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How To Spot Fake Gear

Many bodybuilders and athletes are turning to steroids for performance enhancement and body fitness. While anabolic steroids are illegal to sell anywhere across the country and many parts of the world, a huge number of people are using them. And while at it, drug cartels, counterfeiters and resellers are using this opportunity viciously. To stay safe from the illegal business and the vulnerable product itself, here are tips on how to spot fake gear.

Check the seal

Seals play a key role in keeping the packaged product air tight and free from contamination. If you buy any drug or in this case anabolic steroid, be sure to inspect that the seal is in its place and not tampered with. Good seals are machine-generated and don’t have dents or show signs of peeling. Suspicious seals are normally installed by hand or with the aid of a hand held machine and in this way, critical details are not paid attention to. If you spot any loose fittings, cracks, absence of a seal or dents, stay away from that product.

Inspect the packaging

Many reputable steroid companies will provide strict packaging measures. For instance, injectable anabolic steroids normally come in ampules as opposed to vials. The same goes with the pills coming in single-pill packs rather than bottles filled pills. If you pin point these features, run for your safety and money. Counterfeiters and resellers normally do this to save money on their end and make super-normal profits on the other.

Check the expiry date

Expiry dates normally tell the product’s useful life and hence the difference between real and fake gear. Reputable and legitimate companies normally manufacture the steroids and stamp the expiry dates later. A fake steroid product will have the packaging ready with the expiry dates print out. This is where counterfeiter go down. To confirm that a steroid is fake, the expiry date is in print form as opposed to stamped real gear expiry date.

Know the appearance

While you might be a regular client familiar with certain products, you definitely know them by color and appearance. If you know that a particular steroid is in clear fluid form and you purchase one with white precipitate or in different color, chances are that you’ve bought a fake gear.