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Superdrol Steroid – Effectiveness And Usage Recommendations

Superdrol is basically the brand name for methasterone, a chemical compound. It’s quite an effective anabolic agent, which was available for purchase over-the-counter (OTC) until 2012. Due to the highly androgenic and anabolic traits of Superdrol, you can now buy Superdrol only online whenever you come across Superdrol for sale or otherwise.


First made during the 1950s, Superdrol is testosterone-derived and is essentially a synthesized variant of Drostanolone (an anabolic hormone), with a minor alteration so that it’s fit for human oral consumption. It primarily has weak androgenic traits and strong anabolic properties, pretty much like methyl-testosterone. However, it is 400 percent more effective when it comes to building muscle, and just 20 percent androgenic comparatively. The drug has a 20 Q ratio, which is among the highest for any anabolic steroid out there. The ratio is also referred to as a pro-hormone or steroid’s anabolic-to-androgenic ratio. Though several bodybuilders regard the drug as a prohormone, it’s basically a steroid that’s very quick with its results.

Superdrol’s Effectiveness

Superdrol is fairly effective when it comes to building mass. Though not as effective or on the lines of Anadrol, one of the most potent mass builders, most bodybuilders who use Anadrol for building mass could cycle with Superdrol and not lose out on the benefits they’re accustomed to with Anadrol. However, the supplement leaves Anadrol behind when it comes to lean muscle gains. And the lean tissue developments become visible right during the first cycle. Cycling is needed because that helps counteract Superdrol’s androgenic effects, though these effects aren’t as prominent when compared to other anabolic steroids that are notorious for their androgenic traits.

Typically, Superdrol online would cause an increase in lean mass by 5-10 pounds when administered in conjunction with weight training and sufficient calories. Fortunately, the effects aren’t accompanied by the water retention issue usually experienced with Anadrol, though the lean mass gains aren’t as significant. The supplement strengthens the long-term metabolism of a bodybuilder, which means moderate mass gains are possible even during off-seasons.

Though Superdrol’s anabolic effect is quite strong, which makes making muscles much easier compared to when you’re not on the supplement, fat accumulation is still a possibility if the supplementation is not backed up by sufficient training or if the calorie consumption isn’t being checked. The drug also turns out quite effective during cutting cycles, preserving muscle mass and promoting fat loss whenever there’s a calorie deficit. As aforementioned, since Superdrol does not lead to water retention, the muscles acquired are usually drier and harder when compared to muscles gained when on other drugs.

Usage and Stacks

The recommended Superdrol dosage is 10-20 mg per day for men in a cycle, which should last at least six weeks and not more than eight weeks. If you’re taking 10 mg capsules, then you must preferably take two capsules per day, though one 10 mg capsule could also do the job for many. In case of athletes who have a high pro-hormones tolerance, a 30 mg dose is normal post one complete cycle. Most people should, however, refrain from administering a 30 mg dose. Since Superdrol can also work as a stacking agent, it works well with other anabolic compounds as well, promoting minimal fat gains, quick mass gains, and speedy fat loss.

Superdrol makes bodybuilders much more efficient in the gym, helping them train longer. That said, longer training sessions aren’t mandatory to extract desired results from Superdrol. The steroid ensures bodybuilders do not get easily tired during workouts, letting them carry out more repetitions and lift heavier. The recovery period is quicker between workouts, and this is the period when Superdrol is doing its best possible work, which is adding lean muscle layers and rebuilding torn tissue. Since there aren’t any estrogenic traits to Superdrol, you won’t experience gynecomastia or “male boobs” when on this drug.

When administering Superdrol, a stack comprising an exogenous testosterone drug is recommended. Superdrol results in the body not making normal quantities of natural testosterone, which means another testosterone source is essential for keeping the routine body processing functions going. After finishing a Superdrol cycle, a therapy program must be undertaken so that the testosterone levels of the body can be restored to normal levels.