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The Biggest Sports Events In The World

Since the ancient times, sports have provided the public with spectacles that captured the imagination. Millions of cheering fans flock to sporting events today to witness greatness unfold before their eyes. Some of them stand out in terms of importance, global impact, number of viewers, revenues, and sheer scale. Let’s take a closer look at five of them below:

The Olympic Games

All of the best athletes from around the world gather in a single city to compete against each other and crown the champion. It is by far the biggest spectacle from the opening ceremonies to the individual events. Hundreds of medals are at stake and national pride is on the line. Those who win gold, silver and bronze become heroes back home. The games are only held every four years and there are very high standards just to qualify. For many, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to achieve glory and immortality.

The World Cup

Football is arguably the most popular sport in the world with a global appeal that is most apparent during the World Cup. Players shed their club uniforms in favor of their national colors for this tournament. The countries that qualify through the elimination rounds proceed to the finals where they battle the best of the best. Every continent is represented though only one country will emerge victorious. The history and prestige surrounding the World Cup make it an intriguing setting for titanic clashes.

The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl serves as the winner-takes-all championship match in the National Football League of the US. Of course, American football is extremely different from the game played in the World Cup. It is also a single game that signals the end of the NFL season. The high stakes push players and coaches to give it their all in dramatic fashion. It regularly draws the biggest audience share as nearly every household is tuned in by tradition. The halftime show features the biggest artists of their generation and the ads are the priciest in all of television.

The NBA Finals Series

The National Basketball Association features clubs based in different cities across the US and Canada but the players are much more diverse. Gifted athletes from all over the world get drafted into the league where they can prove themselves and become superstars in their own right. The Finals pits the winner of the Eastern Conference against the winner of the Western Conference. It is a best-of-seven series wherein the first to reach four wins take the crown. The season’s MVP and the finals MVP are also announced during the series.

The Wimbledon Tournament

Tennis is perhaps the biggest individual sport in a landscape that is dominated by teams. Among the grand slams, the Wimbledon Tournament is generally considered as the most prestigious. This is held annually in London, England on grass surfaces. It has a long history and was instrumental in the elevation of the sport into what it is today. All of the tennis superstars have played here and have etched their names in the list of legends.